Compound for synthetic caps

Since 1998, the compound used to make synthetic caps has been a strength of the entire Celloplast GD product range. As the years went by, the types of products have mainly diversified themselves into 3 brackets: top, medium and economic.
The top range includes all products made with SEBS. This range mainly includes compounds suited to last in time and resistant to high pressure values, up to 3 bar; there is also a formula developed for spirit closures: compound F, FH, H2, H3.
The medium range also includes mainly products made with SEBS but with lower costs, suited for wines and spirits stored in the bottle for a little longer than a calendar year: compound T2. The economic range, made in SBS, includes different combinations and formulas, developed ad hoc for each customers, for which it is recommended that the wine or spirit be stored in the bottle for less than 12 months (compound T4).

Since 2013, Celloplast GD has been making a new compound with the addition of natural cork (quantity equal to 62% in volume), suited for all types of caps. All compounds made by Celloplast Gd are equipped with Food Contact Authorization Certificates, in accordance with specifications of EC and FDA standards.

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